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Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st Post of my new Rant blog ect. Stride Shift Berry to Mint Gum Review.

If anyone sees this it'll be a miracle but since I have 3 sports card blogs and i've started to put my rants out on Collector's Crack I figured I'd start a new blog where i could rant about things that need to be ranted about or just a general vent or thought unrelated to sports or sports card collecting.

So my first rant is this new Stride gum.  I was taken in by the commercials, even intrigued, I mean that's what they're there for. So recently when I was at the supermarket and looking for a pack a gum I decided to try it. 

I will say this I haven't tried the other Shift flavors but Berry to Mint is terrible!!! I would say even disgusting.  It literally almost made me want to vomit.  Especially when the flavor shifts and mixes.  

Stay tuned for further rants from the cynicalbuddha. 

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