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Friday, July 30, 2010

What the hell is a Cynicalbuddhist anyways?

A few years back actually a lot of years back I was going to college.  My orginal dream was to be a comic book artist.  Now I'm a pretty good artist, not to toot my own horn, I'm good at what I like to do.  But I'm realized long ago that I probably would never be good enough or have the drive or patience to try and make it as a mainstream comic artist.  I decided to be a scientist instead.  But in my long college career,  5 years for my 4 year degree, I use to hang out with a bunch or like minded comic artist in a club call the Comic Art Society.  It's nice to see that some of them are still drawing and Becky G.  looks like she might make it.  Her and her husband are both artists and have there own line of books at Planet Doom Comics.  Sorry no link.  Anyways I had a college nickname.  Barq.  Don't ask me how I got it I can't remember and I'm sure I was drunk.  I did, afterall, go to school in Wisconsin.  But that was a long time ago.  Anyways we use to have long talks when all the artists would get together and throw ideas off each other.  And we got on the topic of religion.  Now most of us were pretty non-church going.  I wouldn't say unreligious, but I can only speak for myself.  I told them I'm not religious but I do have some aspects fo spirtuality in me and I told them that I thought that everybody should have there own personal religion.  Hence cynicalbuddhism was born.  Plus it's a great nom de plume and call sign.  People like to shorten it to just Buddha which is fine by me, you could pick crappier tenets to live by.  I grew up Catholic so you can see how I might have some lingering issues.  I just never got it I guess.  To much mumbo jumbo for me, to much pomp.  I mean I like stories of girls getting knocked up by God as much as the next guy I just don't want to worship it.  And I find that way too many Christians are ignorant of their own religion.  It's terrible to get into a debate with someone and you know more about their religion then they do. 

You might say why don't you just embrace regular Buddhism?  Well like all major organized religions there are things I like and things I don't like.  Plus if you've ever been to a Buddhist country you know how corporate it is.  Just like all the rest.  

So I'll tell you why I don't follow Buddhism.  Basically Buddhist believe that life is pain and pain is caused by distractions and lets face it the distractions in life are what make it so great.  So here are some of the basic principles and Tenets of my religion.

Distractions are not bad they are what make life worth living.  Pot and Alcohol are not bad in moderation.  I'm not a pot smoker but the hipocrasy surrounding it makes me sick.  Over indulgence should be avoided but it happens.  Sex is not bad.  Even premarital sex.  Who really wants a virgin?  Worst sex ever.  But we have to be smart about things.  Babies are a good thing, unwanted and untimely babies are not so screw smart.  I do not believe that abortion is the answer to unwanted pregnacies but I'm a man and I respect the right of women to make her own decisions.  Being a pompous asshole is bad.  Humility is the path to rightiousness.  Respect for your world.  This encompasses everything.  Respect for your fellow man and woman, respect for your environment, nobody should shit where they eat, respect for animals,  no animal should be tortured but they are tasty, and respect for yourself.

Question everything!!!   Do not take somebody soley on there word.  Ignorace is prepetuated by people believing what someone else tells them.  This includes me, your preacher, your friends, and espcially your  politicians. 

Ignorace is the most deadly sin in Cynicalbuddhism.  Knowledge is power and the first and most important tenet of Cynicalbuddhism is that You cannot undermine what you do not understand.  Stupid people suck, in other words.  The reason half the bad shit happens in this world is that people are ignorant to what is going on and people will take advantage of that.  Ignorace kills it is not bliss.

Well that's enough ranting for now.  Until next time.

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