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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is a person so smart and people so dumb?

The punk bank NOFX has a song called the "The Idiots are Taking Over."  Find it. Listen to it, it's catchy and scary at the same time.  It's off their 2003 album The War on Errorism.   Up until that album NOFX had been pretty unpolitical, but this album shows how feed up people can get with their leadership.  It takes many stabs at Bush but also his cronies and the whole relgious right in general.

Why am I bringing up a song by a band you've probably never heard of, but you should? 

I'm watching all this drama over a Islamic Center that was going to be built near where the world trade center stood.  Now called Ground Zero by the pundits.   And by near I mean blocks away!  It must be a slow month of the Obama Haters.  And pretty much this crusade was started by a blogger, Pamela Geller, on her blog Atlas Shrugs.  And now with hate filled in there black hearts with nothing better to do, Fox News and all their pundits and sound biters are joining the bandwagon.  This project isn't even new. And you know I said Islamic Center right?  Not even really a Mosque. Well there might be a mosque inside. But that's like saying that a prayer study center is a church.  People pray there for sure but I wouldn't call it consecrated ground.

What this all boils down to is that the media with nothing better to latch on to has latched onto this.  And Islamophobia.  Do we get scared of Christians when a radical goes out and kills abortion doctors, or a cult has a mass suicide?  No we shake are heads and say what a shame, how misguided.  But we don't do that with Muslims. 

I can understand why most people are scared.  The media, especially but not limited to Fox News, lives by terror.  We as Americans in this day and age don't usually get too motivated unless someone scares the shit out of us.  People get worked up into such a frenzy it in itself is scary.  This is where mob mentality comes into play.  Plus the amount of misinformation put out by people with their own agendas doesn't help.  When you take a step back, take a few breathes, and think about it this is a moot point.  There already existed a Muslim center near the Twin Towers site and is it only natural with a church, temple, mosque or any other organization grows to where it's current facilities are inadequate for it's purpose it must expand and upgrade.

It makes me ashamed to be an American when I see all this hate on TV or read all this garbage on the internet.  As a cynic it's amusing to watch a person getting interviewed or giving their opinion, clear state that they are all for religious freedom and the 1st Amendment and then contradict themselves in the next sentence so long as it isn't here or Islam. 

And people should put down the remote or at least change the channel and educate themselves on exactly what they are talking about.  To lump all Muslims together is like trying to lump all Christians together.  I'm sure the Protestants and Catholics would love to that.  How many people have died over that spat?  Or a Seventh Day Adventist and a Mormon.  And to get more insulting you could view both Islam and Christianity, in all their forms as just Jewish Cults.  We hate our Fathers.

Sorry I'm rambling.  I tend to do that in a rant.  Especially one that involves religion, hate, and ignorance. 

There are kooks and crazies in every society and religion.  Sometimes they get a soapbox big enough and high enough that there words are heeded.  And this is not to say that there are not differences in all the major religions.  Some small, some vast.  Are they irreconcilable?  I hope not. 

In the end this Center probably will be built.  Once the next catastrophe has taken our gaze away from this story. 

In the end it makes me sad to look around and see all this hate.  There are most definitely people in this world that hate me because I'm not a Muslim or Christian or Jew, and American.  Simply for those two things.  Not their religion and American.  That makes me sad as well.  I am not try to espouse that there are not mad crazy evil radical Muslims out there ready to rip my throat out and bomb my schools.  There are. 

In the end it makes me sad to see people to use things like this to make their bigotry and ignorance  acceptable.  It is not. 

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