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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Further signs of the Apocalypse

When I moved back to Anchorage I never should have gotten cable that's a no brainer.  I can do fine with out cable or dish or what have you.  But I probably would have to have the Internet.  I am a recovering and relapsing Farmville addict.  Those little cows are like crack.  Plus I get better, more up-to-date, less biased news on the net. 

That being said I love the History Channel and I got to watch the Daily Show.  And there is something for everyone on the box.  MTV for those you like stupid none music based programing.  This is how I know I'm old, I can remember when MTV and VH1 played music videos!!  Remember that?  Cooking shows on the Food Network, some of which are pretty good.  Lots of reality game shows for some reason. 

Those channels and shows don't bother me so much.  Like anyone I can turn the channel or better yet turn the TV off and go outside.  For the most part those channels are what they are.  But TLC bothers me.  TLC stand for and I think it still does, The Learning Channel.  And my fiance is addicted to alot of there programing.  The thing is I don't know what I'm suppose to learn from their programming.   I'll break down the main shows on the network, the highest viewed shows.  Jon and Kate plus 8, now just Kate plus 8, cuz Kate's a bitch.  What I learned from this show is how to use your 8 kids to make massive amounts of money having people watch everything you do, from 2 parents that probably shouldn't have had any kids, that's why they couldn't conceive naturally, get plastic surgery, hair implants, and dance on TV as a D list Star and have a huge public divorce between 2 people that should not be famous or admired.

Little People Big World.  There are two things in this world that I believe when added to a situation enhance it.  Those are monkeys and midgets.  So The Roloffs are alright.  I just don't need to see a show to show me that little people have the same problems as regular sized people besides their size issues.  Damn nice Pumpkins though.  They have a new little people show called The Little Couple.  Now bring on the MONKEYS!!

19 Kids and Counting.  This show use to be called 18 kids and counting and I'm not sure might have started being called 17 kids and counting.  And I heard rumors that they want one more to have an even 20.  Must be Gods Will.   So the educational part of this show is that if you believe in God and have lots of kids you get lots of money?  I love shows about extremely religious people who overpopulate the world.  Hell if that's all you need to be famous I know a lot of Mormon families that should have their own shows.  In my opinion the Duggar's are clown shoes.

LA Ink.  So neo-Nazi homewrecking tattoo artist, yea I think it's great premise for show too just not on the Learning Channel, maybe FX.

American Chopper, I couldn't believe these guys are still on, but I get it, building motorcycles sure I'll let that one go.

Hoarding: Buried Alive.  I think this show is on just to make people feel good about themselves.  I know I do after I see an episode.

Toddlers and Tiaras, gotta have a show for the pedophiles.  Equal opportunity and all.

There are a few shows that might qualify as learning programs on there clothes, food, and what-not, but the most popular shows are these reality freak shows.  Sorry little people I love ya.

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