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Friday, December 10, 2010

I will Not Suffer fools gladly

Warning there will be swearing in this post, lots of swearing....

I apologize ahead of time this will probably get obscene and tangential, but the whole point of me putting this blog together was to be able to rant and rant about anything and not have to make my readers over at my other blogs listen to my non sports related diatribe.  

First off let me impart some wisdom my father gave me many years ago that has stuck with me.  He once told me after catching me cussing with my friends that people who  swear have to because they aren't smart enough to communicate any other way.  And with that FUCK. 

That being said I don't often quote the bible either or misquote I should say.  "For you suffer fools gladly, seeing yourself as wise."  II Corinthians 11:19.  I do not suffer fools well, especially when I am dependant on them for things. 

This brings up another great quote, quotes galour here today. The Peter Principle states that people rise to the level of their Incompetency.  Now your probably saying why cynicalbuddha what ever has you so irate?

Now lets be clear here this is an annoyal post.  I am annoyed with some people.  This is not a fucked over post at least not yet.

I'm going to tell a little story. True story.  When I moved back to Anchorage months ago my fiance and I decided that we didn't want to rent in Anchorage anymore, and the rent here is absurd, and we started looking into buying a house.  We met with a loan officer, who also lead us to a great real estate agent, who led us through our first home purchase.  Anchorage is one of those cities that wasn't hit very hard by the housing bubble.  To understand that you have to realize that Anchorage sits in a bowl surrounded by huge high mountains and land here is at a premium.  So to find something in our price range that wasn't a total shit hole was a challenge and we eventually settled on a nice, but small, 2 bedroom near where a couple of my friends had bought their houses.

We had a few stipulations, we had a lease on our apartment till the end of December so we didn't want to close too fast and have to deal with paying rent and a mortgage so we asked to close in  mid December.  That worked out in our favor because it also meant that our first mortgage payment wouldn't be till February.  Now we had lots of time from when we submitted out offer, had our inspection, submitted our request of repairs, and eventually applied for our loan.  Now with it already past our closing date we still have not closed.  Is this my fault?  The owners fault?  Nope it's some asshat at the mortgage companies fault because he can't spell.

Here's the saddest bit.  I was told that I should expect an email from the senior processor and that he needed some more documents from me.  Sure no problem.  I wait and no email.  I'm not too worried because I got this news second hand so who knows when he will really get around to emailing me.  This of course is on the Friday before the week we want to close.  No email, no email all weekend.  So Monday I finally get an email from this guy asking for all this other stuff the underwriter wants for the loan.  It takes me about an hour of surfing the net getting banks statements and other paperwork together and then I email it all back to him.  24 hours later I finally get a confirmation email that he got it and then a few hours later a call from the ass hat saying that he got it all. Great.  But then he tells me that he doesn't think that they'll get everything done in time to close on Thursday.

Hmmmm.  That's not the worst part.  My real estate agent hears this and is pissed, rightfully so, I'm sure she would like to get paid and tells me that the reason I never got an email from the guy on Friday is that he misspelled the word Alaska  in my work email address.  This guy works for a company called AlaskaUSA Mortgage!!!  Misspelled the word that is the first word in his companies name. 

Needless to day I had a few days where I was very unhappy.  I should be moving into my new house tonight, but I'm not and I probably won't be till the middle of next week.  I feel bad for the sellers.  They live in Homer, Alaska which is over 200 miles from Anchorage and came up this week to sign paperwork, although they didn't have to. 

So enjoy the weekend my friends I know I will.  I'll be packing in hopes that I get to move soon.

cb out

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  1. One of my wife and my favorite sayings is, "I hate people!" Good luck with your move and an early, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" from the two of us.