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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh I overslept, what time was the Rapture suppose to start?

I've been neglecting this blog again, and I know I've been using it to show off art and stuff, mainly since I didn't have anything to rant about, but now I do.

I'm sure the two readers out there knew that the end of the world was predicted for last Saturday, May 21st.  Harold Camping of the Family Radio Network predicted it.  Say that this time it was for real.

Well guess what?  He was wrong! Again!

Seems Mr. Camping also predicted the rapture in 1994.  Saying afterward that he miscalculated.  What was his excuse for this wrong prediction?  Another Miscalculation.  So it seems safe to say that Harold Camping is terrible at math. 

He also revised his prediction to October 21st later this year, saying that May 21st was Judgement day not Rapture, end of the world day.  I wonder what his excuse will be when nothing happens on October 21st?

Did no one find it odd that the Family Radio Network had programming scheduled for the day after the rapture? 

As a Buddhist, cynical or otherwise, I always enjoy the idiocy of prophecy makers.  I have lots of friends who are level headed Christians.  They respect my beliefs and I respect there's.  Here in this great country we are allowed to do so, and for the most part most of us do. 

The people I feel bad for are the ones who took Mr. Camping's words to heart and gave away all their money and possessions, or who spent most of there retirement driving back and forth to see his signs.  There was a rumor of a mother who tried to kill herself and children so they wouldn't have to live through the Rapture, but I couldn't find one reputable source for this story, so it's more likely a propaganda rumor.

I think ultimately, as much as I sit and giggle at the stupidity wrought by organized religion like this, that if we all just followed the Golden Rule, no matter what are beliefs, the world would be a better place.

OK next post more comics and art.
CB out.

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