Primum non nocere

Friday, January 30, 2015


I've been pulling random stuff out of the collected works. Stuff socked away in bins, totes, and notebooks.  I'm slowly scanning a lot of my stuff for posting and just for archival purposes.

I wish I could remember what prompted this one.  13 years will dull the memory.  This one comes from 2001.  I'm guessing that I probably saw the Lord of the Rings movie.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doodle bug

I'm a doodle bug.  No doubt about it.  You could tell how boring a college or high school class was by how many doodles I had in the margins of my notebooks.  This continues to this day and if I'm in a meeting and have a pen or pencil in my hand and am taking notes I'll probably also be doodling.

I was sorting though some one of my collected art/doodle bins and pulled this great example out.  At the time I was working as a fisheries observer and was stationed shore side at a plant.  The page below was part of a large blotter sheet that was on the observers desk for taking notes etc.  And luckily for me there were even dates of incoming fishing boats written down so I didn't even have to try and remember what year this is from.

I have a large format scanner, but even it wasn't large enough to fit the whole sheet on, but I was able to get the majority of cool doodles.  Below is the complete scan, but I've divided it up below to get a closer look at some of the doodles and what was going on in my mind

In the upper left hand corner I've got a rocket man and some kind of muscly monster.  Spacemen and monsters are still some favorite things to doodle.

A sketch of a werewolf.  I tend to come up with ideas for comics and start sketching out character ideas and writing plots and stuff and then never do anything with them.  There's also a fax number, which might have been the fax number at the plant and a website to a now bankrupt company I was interested in investing in and a duck face.

Probably the best doodle on the page.  One of my comic ideas involved little robots I just called 'Bots. I have hundreds of pages of doodles, notes, and ideas or them.  There also appears to be some kind of star gate and a bomb.

Up above the bomb we have some kind of energy beam and it looks like a doodle of my observer partner picking his nose, which I think he added boobs to.  We also have the date of an arriving vessels and I can date the sheet to 2002, since I routinely tore these sheets off to get a fresh drawing surface.

And lastly we get to the bottom right corner. Some faces, the word evil, some notes and a plane.  The voodoo head in the center was a idea I had after reading Scud: The Disposable Assassin, actually I think the comic was Tales from the Vending Machine in which the world of Scud was explored with different Scud models.  I think you could write in with ideas and Rob Schrab might use them for a story.  My idea was for a Voodoo model hence the face.
Also apparently Becca loves snot.