Primum non nocere

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Further Signs of the Apocalypse

I hate using the word apocalypse.  Because the word means revelation or lifting the veil, which this reoccurring theme on the Tenets it surely does not.  I've been quite here.  Keeping my head down, working hard looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays. That being said I've taking the day after Thanksgiving off to do.... Nothing!! I refuse to shop or be herded by commerce like cattle.  Oh some will get my money eventually but I refuse to buy into Black Friday.  At least in the real world.  I might peruse the online world and find something but I doubt it.  I already know what I'm getting everybody for Christmas in the lower 48.  Gift cards!! There so cheap to send and I already know what I'm getting my sweetie, a house.  And probably a new digital camera, thank God she doesn't read my ramblings.

So this is about the women in St Petersburg, Florida who are in line at Best Buy they've already been there since about the 17th of November.  Why? read this article here.  It's not even about the stuff.  I just watch the "news" video on line and it disgusts me more than just reading about it.  Two women with nothing better to do than sit out in front of a Best Buy and wait for the day after Thanksgiving.  I find it funny that they take turns so that they can go to work and that they have no real idea what they want to buy. 

Sorry Sorry but this is just stupid.  How much money could you possibly save buy waiting 9 days in line out front?  I guess everybody wants there 15 minutes.

cb out