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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten Sandwiches of the Year

Its the end of the year and you know what that means resolutions and Top Ten Lists.  I hate top ten lists, unless they're being read aloud by David Letterman.  I mean my Top Ten movies of the year probably will in no way be similar to yours, or books I've read, or whatever. 

So that being said I wanted to do my own top ten list.  I thought what could it be about.  My top ten favorite Packer players who got hurt this year, nah. My top ten favorite pairs of socks, hmm closer.  My top ten favorite stupid things said on Fox News this year, who could decided?  So sandwiches it is.  The top ten sandwiches I've eaten this year.  I love me a good sandwich.  I think my all time favorite sandwich that I've ever had was from a little stand in the Mexican town of Barra de Navidad.  Hands down the best, but that was years ago so it didn't make the list.

Here we go....

Number 10, the Open faced Roast beef sandwich at Gwennies Old Alaska Restaurant.
Not actual sandwich but pretty close.

It clogs my arteries just thinking about it.

Number 9, the toasted cheese sandwich with Kraft Mac and Cheese I made for lunch last weekend and the weekend before that.  2 Kraft singles in the middle of that baby.  Go here for all things Grilled Cheese.

This is an actual Toasted Cheese Sandwich also know as a Grilled Cheese, it is not the one I ate though.

Number 8 the Meatloaf sandwich at Snow City Cafe.  If you get a side of there mac and cheese you'll probably go to heaven.
Not actual sandwich, but looks damn tasty.

Number 7.  The Club Paris: Paris Special Fillet Mignon Burger, yep that's right they grind up all of yesterdays steaks to make their lunch burgers.

Again not actual sandwich, I don't take pictures of my food very often.

Number 6.  Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse Teriake Chicken Sandwich.  This one's not on the regular menu but should be.

Now imagine on a bun with a slice of pineapple and teriake sauce.

Number 5.  Terra Bella Terra Turkey Avocado Sandwich with a bowl of homemade bean soup.

Actual sandwich.

Number 4. L'Aroma Bakery and Deli I can't remember what exactly I ordered but it was damn good. And homemade soups too.

Penquin sandwich.

Number 3.  Peanut Farm's Panini Prime Rib Sandwich. 
Yummy. Where's my grinder?

Number 2  The turkey sandwich I made for lunch on Monday and then didn't eat it so I ate it on Tuesday.

I also had some Lay's Kettle Style Maui Onion chips with it.  They are awesome.

And number 1. Peppercini's Restivo- The Hot Italian. I wasn't expecting much but this little sandwich shop in a crappy mall was great.  Really I'm not being an asshole here.

I don't have a picture of the sandwich but here's another hot Italian.

Happy New Year's, cheers.

cb out

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teriake, Nipple Porn, Slut Bomb, Reggie Jackson, Free, did I mention Porn?

Well the year is almost done and I want to thank Hackenbush for being my only follower on this blog.  I have 6 blogs in all.  This being the only non-sports relate blog of them all, or rather the only not specifically sports related blog, seeing as I'll talk about sports here if I damn well please.  No rules on the 13 Tenets!!!  I figured I'd like to have a place to post anything about anything that tickled my fancy.  That being said it is my new goal next year to gain 3 followers.  Lofty goals I know.  I figure one great way to lure people in is the great tags or labels at the bottoms and nifty searched words in the title, seeing as according to the stats page most people have wandered in here from a google search.  Suckers. 

That being said I do not fancy myself as a writer.  I'm a terrible writer.  English and grammer were my least favorite subjects in school and my worst.  All I can say is thank Buddha for spell check. 

I really enjoy reading alot of the sports and sports card related blogs but I also love a good laugh and that's where Red means go and Hyperbole and a Half come in.  Check them out they're great sites. 

Rambling Rambling, oh right the point. 

Well I started this blog to be a rant sounding board.  But lately I've taken a chill pill.  I still can't stand the drivers here and there are always little things that piss me off but lately I've found a nice place.  Good for me terrible for a rant blog.  So I've decided that I'll post what ever I damn well please here rant, comedy ect. 

Not many people know that I also cartoon so I'm going to make this the home of my comic strips as well.
Once I get my scanner set back up.  So in closing yadda yadda yadda...

Have a great New Year's and I'll see you on the other side.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cynicalbuddha's Alaska

Lets be clear this isn't a sports related post this is a pissed off post. Lets lay a little foundation so you can see where I'm at. As many of you know, as I've blogged about it before, I live in Alaska. I moved up here almost 13 years ago for work. I was a fresh faced college grad with a fisheries biology degree and no job prospects in my native Wisconsin. And believe it or not there is a ton, or at least was a ton of work for biologists up here. So I like to think that after a decade it's pretty safe to consider myself an Alaskan. My children will be Alaskan and I plan on staying here for a long time. And while I just moved backed to Anchorage, which they say is as close as you can get to Alaska without being in Alaska, I like to consider myself fairly outdoorsy and wilderness savvy.

A few years back the Discovery Channel discovered Alaska could bring in big ratings much like sharks. That's not surprising because I remember growing up Alaska always had that awe factor and remoteness. I worked as a fisheries observer on commercial fishing vessels up here for over 11 years and there's a reality show right there. I was around when the Discovery Channel filmed their show the World's Deadliest Job, which was the precursor to Deadliest Catch. And at the time I thought that was a good idea. Crabbers are the craziest MOFO's I know and it's an insane job. Then came the first season of Deadliest Catch and I couldn't watch it knowing that they had to go out and fake scenes for the first season because the weather during the opener was the nicest it's been in 20 years. Then the Discovery Channel does there Alaska Month of shows or was it week? Seemed like a month. That's great. The state needs the tourism money and we actually like showing off out state. It's big, it's wild, and there are lots of cool things to see. Granted most people come up here on package deals and cruises and that's fine too. I have to say that if you truly want to see Alaska you have to come up with a very loose agenda and enjoy yourself, listen to the locals they'll tell you where to go. Little known fact you can't see Mt. McKinley from the National Park but you can from the State Park, if the clouds will let you. Oh and I forgot IRT, too, that is a crazy job, still how many episode can you watch of someone driving a truck on icy roads where it's really cold out? Quite a few I guess.

And of course Alaska was shoved into the limelight when our ex-governor was nominated as a vice-presidential candidate in the last election. Which led to more interest in the state.

Now she's got her own show and I have to apologize. Sarah Palin's Alaska is not my Alaska. And oddly enough most Alaskans don't really support her crazy agenda. I've met Sarah Palin she came to Haines when I was living down there and I got her autograph, this was before the election and the nomination, she's very short and yes attractive in person. I watch the first episode with my fiance and I said that's enough. Please take everything you see on that show with a grain of salt. It's produced!! Just like Deadliest Catch for maximum appeal.

Now there's a new show on the boob tube, Gold Rush Alaska. This is filmed about 25 miles north of Haines in southeast Alaska. And when I saw the previews I thought cool. After watching the first 2 episodes I want to hurl. First if you haven't seen the show it's stupid and all the "miners" are morons. Here's the premise taken verbatim from Discoveries website:

"In the face of the economic meltdown, six men will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska. Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon, along with his father, are leading a group of greenhorn miners in search of the American dream and a new frontier. Gold fever is back, and the rush is on."

So instead of finding a group of experienced Alaskan miners we take 6 guys with almost no experience in mining or living in the wilderness and send them to Alaska where with a grubstake of about 150k they expect to strike it rich and save themselves from financial hardship. OK now I realize that it probably did matter how much they picked out of the ground since there probably making a butt load from the show and merchandise, but historically mining is a losing proposition. The local Haines paper had this story about the show. hmmm $20,000 return on a $150,000 investment genius! And the guys are portrayed as such morons and dicks. I'm kinda glad I wasn't around for filming this year. I also like the comment on how lazy they were. Typical made for TV drama. I'm sure there will be a second season, I mean how many seasons of Deadliest Catch are there. How many ways can you make the dangers of crabbing different and interesting. I guess quite a few.

And I've seen the previews for the new bush pilot show. Those guys are crazy too. And that's another deadly job. I hope this one's a little more accurate. At least with bush pilots like crabbers and ice road truckers you can't take novices and just throw them into a silly situation like you can wannabe gold miners.

whew. Alright I'm done bitching. My point was don't believe all the hype it's bullshit. Although bears are real and they will eat your graham crackers!!

Now if you've never been to Alaska you should come. If you want to take a cruise or buy the package deal I don't blame you. But I highly recommend flying up here renting a car, or damn rent an RV. I hate driving behind you in the summer but I understand the appeal. Get a good guide book or travel guide and go. Get a fishing pole and a berry bucket and enjoy. It's unbelievable up here. From the Southeast with it's temperate almost Northeastern climate, to South central and the Kenai Peninsula and it's awesome salmon fishing to the Interior and North Slope with it's majestic mountains and tundra.

. Trans Alaska Pipeline from the Dalton Highway

This is actually called a highway, the Dalton Highway

Alright enough everybody have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Festive Kwanza, or whatever.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I will Not Suffer fools gladly

Warning there will be swearing in this post, lots of swearing....

I apologize ahead of time this will probably get obscene and tangential, but the whole point of me putting this blog together was to be able to rant and rant about anything and not have to make my readers over at my other blogs listen to my non sports related diatribe.  

First off let me impart some wisdom my father gave me many years ago that has stuck with me.  He once told me after catching me cussing with my friends that people who  swear have to because they aren't smart enough to communicate any other way.  And with that FUCK. 

That being said I don't often quote the bible either or misquote I should say.  "For you suffer fools gladly, seeing yourself as wise."  II Corinthians 11:19.  I do not suffer fools well, especially when I am dependant on them for things. 

This brings up another great quote, quotes galour here today. The Peter Principle states that people rise to the level of their Incompetency.  Now your probably saying why cynicalbuddha what ever has you so irate?

Now lets be clear here this is an annoyal post.  I am annoyed with some people.  This is not a fucked over post at least not yet.

I'm going to tell a little story. True story.  When I moved back to Anchorage months ago my fiance and I decided that we didn't want to rent in Anchorage anymore, and the rent here is absurd, and we started looking into buying a house.  We met with a loan officer, who also lead us to a great real estate agent, who led us through our first home purchase.  Anchorage is one of those cities that wasn't hit very hard by the housing bubble.  To understand that you have to realize that Anchorage sits in a bowl surrounded by huge high mountains and land here is at a premium.  So to find something in our price range that wasn't a total shit hole was a challenge and we eventually settled on a nice, but small, 2 bedroom near where a couple of my friends had bought their houses.

We had a few stipulations, we had a lease on our apartment till the end of December so we didn't want to close too fast and have to deal with paying rent and a mortgage so we asked to close in  mid December.  That worked out in our favor because it also meant that our first mortgage payment wouldn't be till February.  Now we had lots of time from when we submitted out offer, had our inspection, submitted our request of repairs, and eventually applied for our loan.  Now with it already past our closing date we still have not closed.  Is this my fault?  The owners fault?  Nope it's some asshat at the mortgage companies fault because he can't spell.

Here's the saddest bit.  I was told that I should expect an email from the senior processor and that he needed some more documents from me.  Sure no problem.  I wait and no email.  I'm not too worried because I got this news second hand so who knows when he will really get around to emailing me.  This of course is on the Friday before the week we want to close.  No email, no email all weekend.  So Monday I finally get an email from this guy asking for all this other stuff the underwriter wants for the loan.  It takes me about an hour of surfing the net getting banks statements and other paperwork together and then I email it all back to him.  24 hours later I finally get a confirmation email that he got it and then a few hours later a call from the ass hat saying that he got it all. Great.  But then he tells me that he doesn't think that they'll get everything done in time to close on Thursday.

Hmmmm.  That's not the worst part.  My real estate agent hears this and is pissed, rightfully so, I'm sure she would like to get paid and tells me that the reason I never got an email from the guy on Friday is that he misspelled the word Alaska  in my work email address.  This guy works for a company called AlaskaUSA Mortgage!!!  Misspelled the word that is the first word in his companies name. 

Needless to day I had a few days where I was very unhappy.  I should be moving into my new house tonight, but I'm not and I probably won't be till the middle of next week.  I feel bad for the sellers.  They live in Homer, Alaska which is over 200 miles from Anchorage and came up this week to sign paperwork, although they didn't have to. 

So enjoy the weekend my friends I know I will.  I'll be packing in hopes that I get to move soon.

cb out

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Further Signs of the Apocalypse

I hate using the word apocalypse.  Because the word means revelation or lifting the veil, which this reoccurring theme on the Tenets it surely does not.  I've been quite here.  Keeping my head down, working hard looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays. That being said I've taking the day after Thanksgiving off to do.... Nothing!! I refuse to shop or be herded by commerce like cattle.  Oh some will get my money eventually but I refuse to buy into Black Friday.  At least in the real world.  I might peruse the online world and find something but I doubt it.  I already know what I'm getting everybody for Christmas in the lower 48.  Gift cards!! There so cheap to send and I already know what I'm getting my sweetie, a house.  And probably a new digital camera, thank God she doesn't read my ramblings.

So this is about the women in St Petersburg, Florida who are in line at Best Buy they've already been there since about the 17th of November.  Why? read this article here.  It's not even about the stuff.  I just watch the "news" video on line and it disgusts me more than just reading about it.  Two women with nothing better to do than sit out in front of a Best Buy and wait for the day after Thanksgiving.  I find it funny that they take turns so that they can go to work and that they have no real idea what they want to buy. 

Sorry Sorry but this is just stupid.  How much money could you possibly save buy waiting 9 days in line out front?  I guess everybody wants there 15 minutes.

cb out

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another (little) sign of the End

So I was perusing the news on Yahoo at lunch today and came across this article about Sun Chips.  More to the point about Sun Chips' bag.  Frito Lay (Pepsi Co.) began putting Sun Chips in these biodegradable bags in April 2009.  And I thought,"wow a big corporation doing something for the environment."  And then true to my cynical nature I thought "must be money in it".  Now I don't know if Frito Lay was trying to get in on the green movement by doing this but I think the back lash by America is incredibly sad.  I actually bought a couple of these bags of chips, cuz I like 'em, especially the Harvest Cheddar, yummy and the first thing I noticed was how loud the bags were.  Almost jokingly loud.  Well I was not the only one who thought so.  So many people complained about how loud the bags were it prompted Frito Lay to discontinue the bags on most flavors of Sun Chips.  So much for a big corporation doing something good for the world.  I myself figured that the company would eventually perfect the bags and the problem would go away. 
You can read about the story here.  

At least the company commented that they would continue working on the next generation of biodegradable bags.

I wonder if I complain about how stupid most of us Americans are something will be done about it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Surfing

I get bored.  Especially at work.  I have a bunch of stuff to do and I know that I have a lot of time to do it, so procrastination is inevitable.  So the little things like blogging help fill my void.  Question have you ever hit the button "Next Blog"?  to see where it takes  you?  I was doing that just today.  I had finished reading some post and decided to see where I'd go.  It's hit or miss and I have no idea how this thing is organized but sometimes it's poetry blogs, photo blogs, travel blogs, ect ect.  Then you come to some blogs that I call dead blogs.  They are the forgotten blogs, blogs that haven't seen a  post in years.  There still there.  Holding on like a not too distant time capsule.  I kinda made me sad. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Really? No Shit?

Just saw this news blurb on MSN news. Says that pot isn't a gateway drug.  Now lets set the record straight here I'm not a smoker, never have been never will.  But that being said I can at least stand back and say that it's stupid to have pot criminalized and illegal.  Other than the fact that the snack food industry would see record profits if it ever was decriminalized, the war on drugs is futile.  People will do what they want.  Nice to see some evidence in this new report.  Let the wastoids be please!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Further signs of the Apocalypse

When I moved back to Anchorage I never should have gotten cable that's a no brainer.  I can do fine with out cable or dish or what have you.  But I probably would have to have the Internet.  I am a recovering and relapsing Farmville addict.  Those little cows are like crack.  Plus I get better, more up-to-date, less biased news on the net. 

That being said I love the History Channel and I got to watch the Daily Show.  And there is something for everyone on the box.  MTV for those you like stupid none music based programing.  This is how I know I'm old, I can remember when MTV and VH1 played music videos!!  Remember that?  Cooking shows on the Food Network, some of which are pretty good.  Lots of reality game shows for some reason. 

Those channels and shows don't bother me so much.  Like anyone I can turn the channel or better yet turn the TV off and go outside.  For the most part those channels are what they are.  But TLC bothers me.  TLC stand for and I think it still does, The Learning Channel.  And my fiance is addicted to alot of there programing.  The thing is I don't know what I'm suppose to learn from their programming.   I'll break down the main shows on the network, the highest viewed shows.  Jon and Kate plus 8, now just Kate plus 8, cuz Kate's a bitch.  What I learned from this show is how to use your 8 kids to make massive amounts of money having people watch everything you do, from 2 parents that probably shouldn't have had any kids, that's why they couldn't conceive naturally, get plastic surgery, hair implants, and dance on TV as a D list Star and have a huge public divorce between 2 people that should not be famous or admired.

Little People Big World.  There are two things in this world that I believe when added to a situation enhance it.  Those are monkeys and midgets.  So The Roloffs are alright.  I just don't need to see a show to show me that little people have the same problems as regular sized people besides their size issues.  Damn nice Pumpkins though.  They have a new little people show called The Little Couple.  Now bring on the MONKEYS!!

19 Kids and Counting.  This show use to be called 18 kids and counting and I'm not sure might have started being called 17 kids and counting.  And I heard rumors that they want one more to have an even 20.  Must be Gods Will.   So the educational part of this show is that if you believe in God and have lots of kids you get lots of money?  I love shows about extremely religious people who overpopulate the world.  Hell if that's all you need to be famous I know a lot of Mormon families that should have their own shows.  In my opinion the Duggar's are clown shoes.

LA Ink.  So neo-Nazi homewrecking tattoo artist, yea I think it's great premise for show too just not on the Learning Channel, maybe FX.

American Chopper, I couldn't believe these guys are still on, but I get it, building motorcycles sure I'll let that one go.

Hoarding: Buried Alive.  I think this show is on just to make people feel good about themselves.  I know I do after I see an episode.

Toddlers and Tiaras, gotta have a show for the pedophiles.  Equal opportunity and all.

There are a few shows that might qualify as learning programs on there clothes, food, and what-not, but the most popular shows are these reality freak shows.  Sorry little people I love ya.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just like old times.

I moved to the great state of Alaska a little over 12 years ago.  Clinton was still President and I was still in my 20's.  I was coming up to work on fishing boats as an on-board fisheries observer.  I was scared and excited.  I had just graduated from college and to be honest the job prospects for a biologist in Wisconsin were grim.  So I was happy to find a high paying job, relatively speaking, in my field.  I never intended to make it a career but if you do something for over 10 years I think it's safe to say it is.  I still am technically a certified observer at least for another month but have officially retired this winter when I got my full time gig with Fish and Game.  But over the coarse of that decade you meet so many people and make so many friends.  This weekend two of those friends finally tied the knot. It's not odd that 2 observers should "hook up" or even date for an extended period of time.  But the job and life style really isn't very conducive to relationships.  So it's rare but not unheard of for 2 observers to get married.  As a matter of fact I can think of at least 3 that just come to mind.  But the point is weddings are times for celebration and the people that come out of the woodwork for them is great.  There were friends there I hadn't seen in over 5 years or longer.  In this day and age it's not hard to keep up with people with Myspace and Facebook, but observers come from all over the US and Canada and then leave to go back to all over the US and Canada. 

I remember back when we were all 20 somethings just starting out in our professional careers.  Some of us stayed up here others went back home and others went on to bigger and better things and places.  But it's always good to see old friends, and make new ones.  We are all growing up.  Getting married, having kids. 

Now it's funny.  I was perusing my blog list and I have 2 college friends that have little blogs.  They don't post a lot and one has officially quit his blog.  I noticed that Underachieversink was posting again.  This is a buddy of mine from college.  Freshman year  he had the dorm room right across from me and I eventually had his brother as my roommate years later.  I feel like a heel because I haven't talked to him in quite a few years.  I've always meant too.  

I remember when he and another buddy, who was also a roommate of mine for a time, both moved up here.  A little after me they were both searching for the same things I was, I think.  Alaska is a land of dreams, the mystical music that you hear in the background when it gets mentioned in the lower 48.  That's what we call the rest of the US, except Hawaii, or the outside.  

The outside.  It's a term that makes me smile.  I've considered myself an Alaskan after about my first year here.  When I got to Alaska, I didn't know if I was going to stay or like observing.  But I figured what the hell.  I changed my driver's license, because to be honest the only advantage to having a Wisconsin license was the cheap hunting and fishing licenses and I would have rather gotten a cheap Alaska hunting and fishing license.  My only true regret up here is I didn't try to get into Fish and Game sooner.  I work 4 years pumping out sea days observing before I started working summers for Fish and Game.  The outside.  It makes Alaska the inside.  That sounds insular and comforting.  Most of us pride ourselves on being fairly self-sufficient.  You'll be hard pressed to find people living in Alaska that were born and raised here and stayed.  And even harder pressed to find third or fourth generation Alaskans.  They're here just few.  So yes having spent the last decade up here I consider myself an Alaskan. 

The nice thing about Alaska or maybe for some the worst thing is that it isn't the little things you have to worry about killing you.  It's the big things.  We don't have poisonous snakes, we don't have ticks, we have only one kind of poisonous spider.  We do have Brown, Black and Polar bears and the largest ungulate, the Moose.  All of which could kill you, in more ways than one.  But the nice thing about all those is they're not very sneaky.  Most of the people that get mauled by bears or trampled by mooses get into trouble of their own doing.  I pride myself that I do not fear bears or mooses but I do have a great deal of respect for them.

And as I was sitting around the campfire this weekend, sipping a cool Pabst Blue Ribbon, talking with old friends about good times, being teased for stupid shit I did 10 years ago, and laughing my ass off, I thought about how small this world really is and how after all this time all of us had gone out in different directions but really weren't that far apart.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is a person so smart and people so dumb?

The punk bank NOFX has a song called the "The Idiots are Taking Over."  Find it. Listen to it, it's catchy and scary at the same time.  It's off their 2003 album The War on Errorism.   Up until that album NOFX had been pretty unpolitical, but this album shows how feed up people can get with their leadership.  It takes many stabs at Bush but also his cronies and the whole relgious right in general.

Why am I bringing up a song by a band you've probably never heard of, but you should? 

I'm watching all this drama over a Islamic Center that was going to be built near where the world trade center stood.  Now called Ground Zero by the pundits.   And by near I mean blocks away!  It must be a slow month of the Obama Haters.  And pretty much this crusade was started by a blogger, Pamela Geller, on her blog Atlas Shrugs.  And now with hate filled in there black hearts with nothing better to do, Fox News and all their pundits and sound biters are joining the bandwagon.  This project isn't even new. And you know I said Islamic Center right?  Not even really a Mosque. Well there might be a mosque inside. But that's like saying that a prayer study center is a church.  People pray there for sure but I wouldn't call it consecrated ground.

What this all boils down to is that the media with nothing better to latch on to has latched onto this.  And Islamophobia.  Do we get scared of Christians when a radical goes out and kills abortion doctors, or a cult has a mass suicide?  No we shake are heads and say what a shame, how misguided.  But we don't do that with Muslims. 

I can understand why most people are scared.  The media, especially but not limited to Fox News, lives by terror.  We as Americans in this day and age don't usually get too motivated unless someone scares the shit out of us.  People get worked up into such a frenzy it in itself is scary.  This is where mob mentality comes into play.  Plus the amount of misinformation put out by people with their own agendas doesn't help.  When you take a step back, take a few breathes, and think about it this is a moot point.  There already existed a Muslim center near the Twin Towers site and is it only natural with a church, temple, mosque or any other organization grows to where it's current facilities are inadequate for it's purpose it must expand and upgrade.

It makes me ashamed to be an American when I see all this hate on TV or read all this garbage on the internet.  As a cynic it's amusing to watch a person getting interviewed or giving their opinion, clear state that they are all for religious freedom and the 1st Amendment and then contradict themselves in the next sentence so long as it isn't here or Islam. 

And people should put down the remote or at least change the channel and educate themselves on exactly what they are talking about.  To lump all Muslims together is like trying to lump all Christians together.  I'm sure the Protestants and Catholics would love to that.  How many people have died over that spat?  Or a Seventh Day Adventist and a Mormon.  And to get more insulting you could view both Islam and Christianity, in all their forms as just Jewish Cults.  We hate our Fathers.

Sorry I'm rambling.  I tend to do that in a rant.  Especially one that involves religion, hate, and ignorance. 

There are kooks and crazies in every society and religion.  Sometimes they get a soapbox big enough and high enough that there words are heeded.  And this is not to say that there are not differences in all the major religions.  Some small, some vast.  Are they irreconcilable?  I hope not. 

In the end this Center probably will be built.  Once the next catastrophe has taken our gaze away from this story. 

In the end it makes me sad to look around and see all this hate.  There are most definitely people in this world that hate me because I'm not a Muslim or Christian or Jew, and American.  Simply for those two things.  Not their religion and American.  That makes me sad as well.  I am not try to espouse that there are not mad crazy evil radical Muslims out there ready to rip my throat out and bomb my schools.  There are. 

In the end it makes me sad to see people to use things like this to make their bigotry and ignorance  acceptable.  It is not. 

Sometimes I just want to hide my face in my hands.

It's pretty incredible that you can get famous by having a kid out of wedlock and 17 and have a mom who quits one of the most important jobs in the state of Alaska so she can make big money saying stupid shit on Fox News.  I just saw a blurb on MSN about Bristol Palin is being considered to appear on "Dancing with the Stars".  I think the show is going to have to change it's name.  Seriously.  If this is all you have to do to be considered a star worthy enough to be on a show called "Dancing with the Stars" this is just another sign of the coming doom.  God we are a stupid culture. 

How ironic is it that she now makes her living preaching to other kids to wait to have sex?  God what hypocrites. 

DUMB DUMB DUMB.  Some times it makes me ashamed to be an Alaskan.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New custom auto Cards Betty White, Abe Vigoda, and Russell Johnson

Well as promised the new Customs Auto cards I just sent out to try and get autographed.  I posted a similar blog over at collector's crack but I promised I'd post some stuff here and i'm trying to get JayBee to add this to the blogroll, even though it's more eclectic and not necessarily a sports or sports card blog but then again it's not not either. 

Here we go.

We'll start with the latest Russell Johnson who you will all remember was the professor on Gilligan's Island.

The Incredible Betty White.  She's still got it.

And the legendary Abe Vigoda.

Now you're probably wondering why I picked these 3 to start.  Well first they are 3 actors that I like and grew up watching and second they are all getting up in age and I wanted to get their autos before they pass away.  Morbid maybe, practical absolutely.

I also decided that I wanted to make the cards as professional as possible and larger than a regular trading card.  I also decided to do different series based on profession.  Obviously these cards are for movie and tv stgars.  I plan on doing some sports, and other themes too.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remembering Uncle Ted

Well I was going to post some custom Auto cards I made up and am just about to send out but my girlfriend stole my computer last night and now i'm posting from work.  We are in morning up here in Alaska.

Last night we had the funeral for "Uncle" Ted Stevens.  For those that don't know Ted was killed in a plane crash last week.  He was the longest sitting Republican Senator ever!!  And was deposed last election over a trial that was so blatently farcicle that it makes me ashamed.  He was convicted of 7 charges, and later exonerated, but pretty much the trial did him in.  He still almost won.

I met him once when he came to Haines, gave a little speach and then took off. 

Say what you will that man did a crap load for Alaska and will be missed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Customs and what not.

I've given it some thought and decided that I'm going to start posting my custom autograph cards and successes here as well as my rants and postings of the odd and unusual.  And also get put up on the Sports card blog roll so I can get a little more readership.  you hear me Jay Bee add me!!!!!! 


WTF? Research could pave the way for advanced methods of enraging monkeys!!! I shit you not.

So as usual it's slow at work weather sucks ect.  My boss hands me this article

It's from the Christian Science Monitor.  Not the Enquirer or as I had originaly suspected the Onion. 

The second sentence in the secondary headline is "The research could pave the way for advanced methods of enraging monkeys."


Really?!?!?  God I'm in the wrong line of work.  Who knew there was money to be made in making monkeys mad??  And I hope they get funding soon for God knows we don't have enough angry monkeys running around. 

But to CSM's credit this is no where on the front page it's buried in the Science Section. 

I'm going to start shapening sticks to poke at monkeys so I'm ready when the funding comes in for advance methods research.

Until next time.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Signs of the Decline of the American Empire

I was out with my girly the other day shopping and we pulled into a parking lot for a multiple shopping complex (ie strip mall but with major chains).  And I sat looking at how many parking spaces were blocked by shopping carts from people too lazy to walk the extra 100 feet to the cart corral so the carts were out of the way.  It made me sad that we are such a lazy people, not everyone mind you I know I hate to lump everyone into the same pot, but sometimes it's unavoidable.  So put your damn carts away and I vow as never to be THAT lazy, just normal lazy.

Friday, July 30, 2010

What the hell is a Cynicalbuddhist anyways?

A few years back actually a lot of years back I was going to college.  My orginal dream was to be a comic book artist.  Now I'm a pretty good artist, not to toot my own horn, I'm good at what I like to do.  But I'm realized long ago that I probably would never be good enough or have the drive or patience to try and make it as a mainstream comic artist.  I decided to be a scientist instead.  But in my long college career,  5 years for my 4 year degree, I use to hang out with a bunch or like minded comic artist in a club call the Comic Art Society.  It's nice to see that some of them are still drawing and Becky G.  looks like she might make it.  Her and her husband are both artists and have there own line of books at Planet Doom Comics.  Sorry no link.  Anyways I had a college nickname.  Barq.  Don't ask me how I got it I can't remember and I'm sure I was drunk.  I did, afterall, go to school in Wisconsin.  But that was a long time ago.  Anyways we use to have long talks when all the artists would get together and throw ideas off each other.  And we got on the topic of religion.  Now most of us were pretty non-church going.  I wouldn't say unreligious, but I can only speak for myself.  I told them I'm not religious but I do have some aspects fo spirtuality in me and I told them that I thought that everybody should have there own personal religion.  Hence cynicalbuddhism was born.  Plus it's a great nom de plume and call sign.  People like to shorten it to just Buddha which is fine by me, you could pick crappier tenets to live by.  I grew up Catholic so you can see how I might have some lingering issues.  I just never got it I guess.  To much mumbo jumbo for me, to much pomp.  I mean I like stories of girls getting knocked up by God as much as the next guy I just don't want to worship it.  And I find that way too many Christians are ignorant of their own religion.  It's terrible to get into a debate with someone and you know more about their religion then they do. 

You might say why don't you just embrace regular Buddhism?  Well like all major organized religions there are things I like and things I don't like.  Plus if you've ever been to a Buddhist country you know how corporate it is.  Just like all the rest.  

So I'll tell you why I don't follow Buddhism.  Basically Buddhist believe that life is pain and pain is caused by distractions and lets face it the distractions in life are what make it so great.  So here are some of the basic principles and Tenets of my religion.

Distractions are not bad they are what make life worth living.  Pot and Alcohol are not bad in moderation.  I'm not a pot smoker but the hipocrasy surrounding it makes me sick.  Over indulgence should be avoided but it happens.  Sex is not bad.  Even premarital sex.  Who really wants a virgin?  Worst sex ever.  But we have to be smart about things.  Babies are a good thing, unwanted and untimely babies are not so screw smart.  I do not believe that abortion is the answer to unwanted pregnacies but I'm a man and I respect the right of women to make her own decisions.  Being a pompous asshole is bad.  Humility is the path to rightiousness.  Respect for your world.  This encompasses everything.  Respect for your fellow man and woman, respect for your environment, nobody should shit where they eat, respect for animals,  no animal should be tortured but they are tasty, and respect for yourself.

Question everything!!!   Do not take somebody soley on there word.  Ignorace is prepetuated by people believing what someone else tells them.  This includes me, your preacher, your friends, and espcially your  politicians. 

Ignorace is the most deadly sin in Cynicalbuddhism.  Knowledge is power and the first and most important tenet of Cynicalbuddhism is that You cannot undermine what you do not understand.  Stupid people suck, in other words.  The reason half the bad shit happens in this world is that people are ignorant to what is going on and people will take advantage of that.  Ignorace kills it is not bliss.

Well that's enough ranting for now.  Until next time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st Post of my new Rant blog ect. Stride Shift Berry to Mint Gum Review.

If anyone sees this it'll be a miracle but since I have 3 sports card blogs and i've started to put my rants out on Collector's Crack I figured I'd start a new blog where i could rant about things that need to be ranted about or just a general vent or thought unrelated to sports or sports card collecting.

So my first rant is this new Stride gum.  I was taken in by the commercials, even intrigued, I mean that's what they're there for. So recently when I was at the supermarket and looking for a pack a gum I decided to try it. 

I will say this I haven't tried the other Shift flavors but Berry to Mint is terrible!!! I would say even disgusting.  It literally almost made me want to vomit.  Especially when the flavor shifts and mixes.  

Stay tuned for further rants from the cynicalbuddha.