Primum non nocere

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another (little) sign of the End

So I was perusing the news on Yahoo at lunch today and came across this article about Sun Chips.  More to the point about Sun Chips' bag.  Frito Lay (Pepsi Co.) began putting Sun Chips in these biodegradable bags in April 2009.  And I thought,"wow a big corporation doing something for the environment."  And then true to my cynical nature I thought "must be money in it".  Now I don't know if Frito Lay was trying to get in on the green movement by doing this but I think the back lash by America is incredibly sad.  I actually bought a couple of these bags of chips, cuz I like 'em, especially the Harvest Cheddar, yummy and the first thing I noticed was how loud the bags were.  Almost jokingly loud.  Well I was not the only one who thought so.  So many people complained about how loud the bags were it prompted Frito Lay to discontinue the bags on most flavors of Sun Chips.  So much for a big corporation doing something good for the world.  I myself figured that the company would eventually perfect the bags and the problem would go away. 
You can read about the story here.  

At least the company commented that they would continue working on the next generation of biodegradable bags.

I wonder if I complain about how stupid most of us Americans are something will be done about it.