Primum non nocere

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cthulhu wishes you a merry Cthulhumas

I hope everyone had a good holidays. I can't believe it had been over a year since I posted here.  Having a baby will do that.  

Anyway, I live a long ways from family, other than my wife and child, about 3000 miles to be exact, and I refuse to travel on the clusterfuck that is the Christmas holiday, so we usually get together with a large group of friends.  We have a good dinner, drink some good wine, beer, and spirits and we do a white elephant gift exchange.  

We don't have a theme usually, but the gifts tend to be mostly booze.  In my group of friends those gifts are pretty coveted and my wife and I both left with nice bottles this year.  There also tends to be a few zonks thrown in for fun and usually there are a couple really nice gifts that get stolen over and over.  Last year I decided that my gift would be a unique pen and ink to give away.  Who doesn't love free art.  You can just look at my last post to see what I gave last year.  I haven't been drawing much due to my fatherly duties, but I found some time to draw one of my favorite subjects.  

Below is the finished work and a couple in the work photos.

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