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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Christmas Bizarre

Here at work during the holiday season, starting at Halloween and running right through Christmas, we have events.  From group feeds, costume contests, and other charity events.  Before Christmas we have what is called a Dough Run.  It's a poker run based on baked goods.  You go from department to department buying various treats and then you get an envelope with a card inside.  During the event they also have a silent auction.  The auction is made up of all sorts of donated stuff.  From tickets to events and homemade jams to art and clothing.  Everyone seems to go gaga for the art and it usually brings in a nice chunk of change. This year I decided I'd actually get my act together and draw something to donate.

Since I'm a fisheries biologist I love to draw fish and people here will eat this up.  I only took one unfinished photo.
 Here it is all framed up. I love these inexpensive floating frames.  And if who ever wins this wants they can always upgrade.

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