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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Comics - Chapter 19

Chapter 19  - Three Gypsies Inn

click to get all that spore ninja goodness!!

So after all that action of the last few pages I needed a little slow down and some wordyness to move the story along.  Plus this was to show a larger plot against the samurai and their shogun and it'll all come to play later on.  The one thing I missed was the spore ninja.  Now if you remember way back in Chapter 6 - Cowards Lament, Tushori lets the spore ninja leader go.   If I had been on the ball a little better I probably would have made the spore ninja here Toko, the fallen leader.  But as it reads he's not, and he isn't. 
I really like panel 4 with the Tushori and Keto peeking over the booth.  Also you'll not I drew the title here again.  I think I was getting a little bored with the cut and past titles and this one begged to be drawn.. I'm pretty sure this one was influenced by Dave Sim's Cerebus covers at the time, or at least one of them.

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