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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Art Gallery

So I've established that I like to draw comics.  I don't keep that a secret.  I had a strip in my college newspaper for a while that I probably will post here eventually.  I bought a large format scanner just to be able to scan a full size comic sheet in.  And I've been posting the Samurai Mushroom here for a while now.  But I've been drawing since I was 6.  Seriously since high school and have gotten much much better over time.  It's true you only get better with practice.  That said I found some old scanned art work in an old flash drive so I thought I'd post it here to break up the comic posts and if my Packers lose I'm sure lots of rants. 

The Gray Face

I drew the gray face out at a field camp in 2003.  I really loved that job.  I use to call it my artists retreat.  It was me and one other guy for 7 weeks and luckily I got along with my partner.  The work we kinda boring but the plus side was once camp was set up and ready to go you didn't have a lot to do all day or night for that matter, so I had time to paint and draw.  As a matter of fact a lot of the SM comics were drawn out there.

Here we have a happy little forest scene.  I do believe I was thinking of illustrating a children's book with a friend and I was coming up with some art styles that might work for the book. Well that project never happened but I still have all the samples.

Blue Moon
It's hard sometimes to find motivation and inspiration to draw and paint.  At least for me.  I was looking through a book on Gaelic crosses and such and thought I'd try my hand at something like that.  I also did a sun inspired painting much like this.

Just say Maybe!!
God who knows where that name came from.  I always like to draw monsters and I still to.  That and I'm a huge fan of Sam Keith, who wrote and drew The Maxx and Zero Girl just to name too, but the outback scenes from Maxx were awesome.  I also like to draw this weird monsters because it allowed me to practice different line techniques and shading.  And honestly it's kinda cool looking.  Not all of my monstrosities turned out so well.

Rabies Babies
So when I paint and draw I always have a test pad next to me.  Sometimes it's just scrap paper or leftovers sometimes I put it there to see if I can so an ancillary piece.  Something unplanned but that uses up the color or ink so I don't have to clean out a bunch of it in the rinse water.  Rabies Babies and the following are all those piece I like to call accidental art.  What I like about these is that I have no goal.  Yes they are used to test colors and make sure my ink pens aren't too full but there's something visceral about not having an idea on what should be there.  Abstract if you will.  Then I tend to add weird names because I can and I love to confuse people who look at it and try and figure out what I was trying to do by the name I give a piece.

Brain candy
Sputnik's Revenge
Death Rays set to Kill.
Polar Bear in a shit storm.
Penultimate Golf Ball Rainbow Unicorn Surprise

I have to say this turned out pretty well posted here.  I'll put up more as I have time to scan.  I have a huge box sitting in the closet I need to dig though.

cb out

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