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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Comics. Some Concepts

Well since I'm still in way too good of mood since the Packers made the Super Bowl that I can't find anything to rant about I figured I'd put more comics and art work up here.  I've got Samurai Mushroom Comics already uploaded and scheduled to post every day for awhile.  I do believe I have at least 21 chapters in the bank here.  But I found an old flash drive and was searching through it and found some stuff I had scanned a long time ago.  And on the drive was some old Samurai Mushroom concept pages.

As you can see I can't spell samurai at all.  I think this was more me trying to get motion and side views, and experimenting with armor and stuff.

Here is line up of the legion of extraordinary objects. 
From left to right we have the Atomic Hotdog, the power of an atom in an all beef frank; the flaming Muskrat, the sexually confused rodent of fire; Tube of Toothpaste, fighting justice with his paste of truth;  Magnetic Bedpan, the bedpan of attraction; and of course the Samurai Mushroom, twin swords of fungal fury!!  Missing is the last member the Steaming Cup of Coffee, who's silence speaks volumes.

I'll have to dig out the only strip I ever managed to do with all the characters.  Honestly I have no idea where this idea come from.  Other than the team name was taken from Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentleman and the Legion of Superheroes.  I know that at least the Atomic Hotdog and Samurai mushroom were boredom doodles.  You know doodles you doodle in the margin of your notebook in a class lecture or business meeting. 

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