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Monday, January 17, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Comics Chapter 6 - Cowards Lament

Chapter 6 - Cowards Lament

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Chapter 6, ah chapter 6.  Wordy is the term I have for pages like this and there are a few.  Sometimes there necessary to advance the story and interject a large amount of plot.  I also notice my total lack of backgrounds in most of this page.  How lazy of me. 

Anyway, this is pretty much the end of the first mini arc, the beginning if you will.  Hitchcock said that a story has to have a McGuffin, or plot device that throws the story into motion.  I suppose my McGuffin was the attack on the travelers in Chapter 1.  Although it could be anything even something unrelated to the story.  Thinking back I always wanted a better McGuffin, but what is done is done so here you go.  Now onto probably my favorite mini arch of the story.

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