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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Chapter 4 -

Chapter 4 -  If a Samurai Should Fall......

Back once again.  Here we pretty much have a continuation from Chapter 3.  And sadly I killed off Fugu, or did I, no I did.  At least for now.  This ain't Marvel comics here.   I love fight scenes I just wish I could have drawn this one better.  Again it's pretty much me learning the characters.  One thing you'll notice through out the strip is I never show Tushori's feet.  I couldn't decided if he should have legs or not.  I mean I guess so it would seem silly to have him hop around on a stem but I never did draw legs on him.  Of the 28 or so original strips I got done never once will you see his legs.  But I think if I end up continuing the strip he probably will.  Keep a eye on our main character.  He's evolving much like Garfield did in Jim Davis' strip.  you get more comfortable drawing you characters they tend to simplify and start flowing better.

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