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Friday, January 14, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Chapter 3 - The Harder They Fall

Chapter 3

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Welcome back loyal reader. 
Here in Chapter 3 we have a little experiment in panel creativity.  I look at these now and kinda cringe knowing that I could draw the strip so much better now, but it is what it is.  I've enhanced the panel by scanning it in color and then turning it to black and white and using the auto contrast in Photoshop Elements.  I've also cleaned a bunch of stray lines and mistakes.  I've also fixed the bleed through on the word bubbles.  What that is when I was lettering I would print the test on paper then draw a word bubble around it, cut it out and paste it to the panel.  This is incredibly old school, a technique that we used at my high school paper years ago.  And me being poor and lacking any knowledge of computer software just wanted the strip to be legible.  But the paper I used was way to thin and the line art behind it could still be seen.  I tend to write my script and then draw but draw with little concern with word placement.  At least I did early on.  After a while you start to incorporate all of it into you sketches and thumbnails with the plot.  When your the writer and artist of a strip the actual script, which I did write one, doesn't have to be super detailed.  I knew what I wanted to do when I wrote the page so my notes on it are minimal.  I'll try to find a nice example of one of my scripts and post it but for now trust me. 

I think at least in the first minor story arc, here I consider the beginning the first little story arc.  About Chapters 1-7.  I liked Fugu the best, at least to draw.  He was inspired by the hairy monster from all those Bug Bunny cartoons.  Now I'm not going to say that they are awesome plots or that the story is a riveting read.  But remember I started doing this comic on a request and it sort of took off from there.  I had little planning in the beginning and almost zero character development before hand.  But as I went on it got a little better.  I'm no Stan Lee or Jack Kirby.  I will say that I tried to write in spurts doing at least 3 or 4 pages at a time, or my minor story arcs.  If I got a good idea I tried to write it out and then work on it.  

Enjoy Chapter 4 to follow shortly.

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