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Friday, January 21, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Comics - Chapter 10 - Village of Stone

Chapter 10 - Village of Stone

click me so you can read all those teeny tiny words

See told you wordy.  So here we get to the meat of this story arc.  Again I had all sorts of stuff planned from here on out.  Stuff I wanted to put into the strip.  This is also one of my more creative borders and titles.  I was reading Will Eisners Graphic Story Telling and he uses lots of examples from the Spirit where he incorporates the title into the art of the story so I thought I'd try a few.  You'll see more of this coming up. 
Notice how well position Kronk is in the middle left panel so all those words will fit.  That of course was planned.  See getting a little better about planning for dialog.  I hate to draw something only to have to cover it up with a word balloon.

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