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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Samurai Mushroom Comics - Chapter 9 - People of Stone

Chapter 9 - People of Stone

click me to make me grow, pervert, i didn't mean like that!

The people of stone.  Kronk was a doodle long before he became a major character in the story.  And for some reason at the time I was doodling lots of rock.  I think I was trying to get my look right.  And while he was a lot of fun to draw I wasn't especially good at it.  I guess the people of stone were inspired by the story of the golem, but kinda reversed, you'll see in the next chapter.  Warning it's another one of those wordy ones.  On a mostly irrelevant tangent you'll notice a nice dark ink blotch in panel 2.  At the time I was drawing this I was watching my oldest nephew and we were drawing together.  I was showing him how to use a pen and dip it in ink and after a while he was getting frustrated and a little bored and ended up making a big mess and I got a nice large blot right on Kronk's shoulder.  I was a little bummed, kinda mad at the time, but now I can look back and laugh.  I've thought many times about fixing it, but it brings back some nice memories.

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